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Zener Schon Contemporary Art (ZSCA) announces the gallery is closed.

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September 20 – October 16th

Artist Reception:  Saturday, September 24th from 5-8pm

Gallery I:
Artist Reception and Solo Exhibition of Works by Rick Begneaud


Begneaud is widely known for his collage-style modern artworks, in which he layers found objects, photo transfers, paint, and fabric onto canvas. His use of spacial composition and soothing color palettes are intentionally selected to create a positive and negative spacial relationship. Begneaud was immersed in an artistic environment from childhood, influenced by his uncle/American painter, Robert Rauschenberg. These works reference that influence, within his overarching abstract landscape of composition, color, texture, and mood.



Gallery II:
Exhibition of Works by Reisig and Taylor

apartment-1456-reisig-and-taylorLos Angeles based Reisig and Taylor new works are compelling representatives of the specialized genre of lenticular (3D) photography.  Using techniques that resemble collage, they interrogate the notion of the singular decisive moment found in classic street photography, to create a distinctly LA landscape which is both familiar and disconcerting.






Art Aspen Ice Garden, August 4-7, 2016, Booth B15


“Summer’s Greatest Hits”, group exhibition featuring Raylene Gorum, Eddie Kramer, Alison Mosshart, Chad Muska, James Rizzi, Dominique Rojas, Ashleigh Sumner, and Annie Terrazzo.

NoPressure.No diamonds






“Written All Over Your Face”, is a bold exhibition of new mixed media paintings by Ashleigh Sumner.  Sumner uses hand written words of history’s great minds as both layered abstract and mixed media, image centered work.

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Kunishi_0013 Pahoa

“This Land is Our Land”, March 22 – May 7, 2016

Sarah Christianson, Kevin Kunishi, Andreanne Michon

Guest Curated by Monique Deschaines







Carly Ivan Garcia and Benito Rangel de Maria:  Reconstructed Abstractions of the Urban Experience

A charged exhibition of new paintings and works on paper by two local Bay Area artists, neo-abstract expressionist Carly Ivan Garcia and Benito Rangel de Maria, will be on view at Zener Schon Contemporary Art through March 19th, 2016.

WhiteSpace01_48x36_Garcia Benito Rangel de Maria_Portrait in Yellow Gold lowres 2016 42 X 56 inches










City of Vice_Viceroy Hotel_lowres


Focus on Photography
December 15 – January 30, 2015
Featuring:  2wenty, Leigh Beisch, Flores, Gill and Mann, Diane Rosenblum, and Edward Saenz






Laura Kimpton: Buck $hot to the $oul
November 10 – December 12

MILL VALLEY, CA – “Buck $hot to the $oul”, a provocative exhibition of new paintings, mixed-media installations, and sculpture by Laura Kimpton, will be on view at Zener Schon Contemporary Art from November 10 to December 12, 2015. There will be an opening reception on November 10 from 6–8pm.

“Buck $hot to the $oul” concerns itself with what we don’t talk about at the dinner table–money, drugs, religion, guns, and flags,” says Kimpton. Displayed in a carnival-like atmosphere of innocent yet ironic observation, the work in the exhibition will mix words and symbols as metaphors for Kimpton’s conceptual view that “EGO is Not Sacred”. To further emphasize this point, there will be a performance during the opening where Kimpton will shoot her art with an air gun, literally and conceptually deconstructing her creations.


notrespassing_James Randle

Select Group Show In Honor of Our One Year Anniversary

September 8 – September 26




James “JM” Rizzi: Visual Language



July 7 – August 29

Eric Zener:  Summer

Group Exhibition Featuring:  Leigh Beisch, Miky Fabrega, Peter Gronquist, Ted Lawson, and Ian Ross 


May 19 – June 28

Breaking Boundaries: Merging the Practice of Private and Public Art

Katy Boynton, Karen Cusolito, Laura Kimpton,  JM Rizzi, Ian Ross, David Young V, and Zio Ziegler



March 31 – May 17, 2015


Participating artists include Miky Fabrega, Peter Gronquist, Ted Lawson, Chad Muska, Alison Mosshart, Shelter Serra, Ivory Serra and Jamie Martinez.  The exhibition addresses the contemporary human experience of “The Survival of the Fittest”. They do so by referencing a set of symbols that we depend on to define our roles as humans within American culture. They also shine a light on how technology, both old and new, is constantly effecting how we position ourselves and thus, how art is perceived.



MARCH 3 – March 28, 2015

Ashleigh Sumner:  Horns and Halos

“Horns and Halos”, refers to the dichotomy of symbols used in Sumner’s work, the twin and opposing aspects of life, the good and the bad, perceived angels and demons.

This body of work depicts personalities from history and pop culture who reflect this tension – those who were both idolized and condemned by society and the public at large.



Benito Rangel de Maria: Navigating Boundaries 

The solo exhibition for the artist will feature the act of mark making, construction and deconstruction not only with varied media, but also with notions of physical and social boundaries. Rangel de Maria’s work examines the physical qualities of who we are, who we want to be, and how we want to be perceived.

Art Inspired by Love and Passion

The group exhibition explores the use of color, form, light, and composition that evoke the emotions of love, passion, and sensuality.


Cheer and Charity Group Show


Featuring works by Eric Zener, James Rizzi, Ashleigh Sumner, Ian Ross, 2wenty, Dan Monteavaro, Leigh Beisch, Yannick Hamon, DYoungV, and Daniele Cunha Lay.



 Eric Zener Paintings and Mixed Media

The exhibit will feature a collection of oils by Eric Zener in various themes; including water, land and sleep.  ZSCA will launch the introduction of Eric Zener’s mixed media resin on panel work, based on his original paintings.  These new works are exclusive to ZSCA.


Grand Opening Group Show

Featuring works by Eric Zener, James Rizzi, Ashleigh Sumner, Ian Ross, 2wenty, Dan Monteavaro, Leigh Beisch, Paige Smith and more