Zener Schon Gallery

TED LAWSON Brooklyn, New York

Using figurative representation and geometric abstraction, Ted Lawson creates a narrative progression of forms that reveals something conceptually greater than the sum of their parts. Ted’s large scale works combine digital technology with highly crafted traditional sculpting methods to seamlessly produce conceptual objects that express the underlying analog truth within his subject matter. His working process in an exploration into the human existential experience through imagined models of the universe as physical form.  He has been living and working in New York City creating original works from his studio in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Lawson_darkmatter-02Ted LAwson salt-spiralcolorcorrectedattack_decay_01_webTed Lawson Bluecrop36x48
  • Lawson_darkmatter-02

    Dark Matter

    44" DiameterPigmented Sculpt Beads

  • Ted LAwson salt-spiralcolorcorrected

    Salt Spiral

    44″ DiameterCast Salt

  • attack_decay_01_web

    Attack and Decay

    96″ x 36″ Milled, Painted Brass

  • Ted Lawson Bluecrop

    Could Be Anywhere

    32" x 40"Milled, Painted MDF

  • 36x48

    Nowhere in Particular

    60" x 40"Milled, Painted MDF