Zener Schon Gallery


Peter Gronquist creates a multi­-faceted body of work that includes sculptures and paintings.   His most consistent achievements is the exposure of these ubiquitous characteristics of American culture — the simultaneous rejection and embodiment of the consumerism and apathy inherited as part of the American dream. Gronquist sculptures are based upon his deeply embedded in the rampant American consumerism and gun culture, and examines the constant collision of man and the animal kingdom through paintings and sculpture. His medium includes using taxidermy and semi­-automatic weapons festooned with gold leaf. These pieces humorously questioning who is really dominating whom by displaying the aggressor and the innocent as one.

Gronquist has recently returned to his birthplace in Portland, Oregon. He attended the school of visual arts in New York and San Francisco Art Institute.

Gronquist Purple GreyGronquist Yellow 3Infinity Mirror 2P Gronquist ELK
  • Gronquist Purple Grey

    "Untitled", Purple/Grey

    72" x 48" Oil and Acrylic on Plexiglass and Wood, 2015

  • Gronquist Yellow 3

    "Untitled", Yellow

    72" x 48" Oil and Acrylic on Plexiglass and Wood, 2015

  • Infinity Mirror 2

    “Infinity Mirror #2”

    48" x 48” Plastic, Sterling Silver, Automotive Clear Gold Tint and LED Lights, 2015 SOLD

  • P Gronquist ELK


    80" x 45" x 30"Elk Taxidermy, Resin, Gold PlateAvailable Upon Request