Zener Schon Gallery

MIKY FABREGA Panama City, Panama/New York City

Miky Fábrega: Artist, Writer, Strategist, Creative Director, Entrepreneur, Aspen Institute Fellow, Social Agitator, and co-founder of Diablo Rosso and NEO Creative Consulting.

This new body of work demonstrates Fabrega’s obsession with stolen imagery and layering as a form of covering up.


“We cover our past, our pain…the same as the Spanish covered up Aztec culture with churches…the same as old advertisements continually get covered up by the new shiny ad. At the end you can always see what’s beneath. The truth peeks out, looking for light.”

Fabrega FragmentedFabrega Forgotten tortillaFabrega Black Mirror
  • Fabrega Fragmented

    Memoria Fragmented

    65" x 120", Triptych, (65" x 40" each) Mixed Media on Canvas, 2015

  • Fabrega Forgotten tortilla

    Forgotten Tortilla

    67" x 40"Mixed Media on Canvas, 2015

  • Fabrega Black Mirror

    Black Mirror

    42" x 66"Mixed Media on Canvas, 2015