Zener Schon Gallery


Laura Kimpton Solo Exhibition

Buck $hot to the $oul is on view at Zener Schon Contemporary Art through December 12, 2015.

Kimpton’s recent body of work explores what we don’t talk about at the dinner table –

money, drugs, religion, guns and boundaries.

This work is displayed in a carnival-like atmosphere of innocent yet ironic observations of words and symbols as metaphors for the human EGO.


Laura Kimpton uses original photographs, found objects, bird skulls, picture frames, books, antique toys, paint, and resin to create objects of history that take flight.

The nature of Kimpton’s work is inherently social as she requires reaction and discussion for it to complete its task. She is continually exploring new mediums in her search for revelatory communication.

Laura Kimpton received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from The San Francisco Art Institute and a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology from the University of San Francisco. She currently resides in Marin County, California. She is a three-time Honorarium Grant Recipient at Burning Man and the creator of Celtic Forest. Kimpton’s works have been exhibited throughout the United States

Laura Kimpton Aspen Times

Laura Kimpton: “Buck $hot to the $oul”
At Zener Schon Contemporary Art

November 10 – December 12, 2015

Broadway World October 29, 2015

Artist Laura Kimpton’s DREAM Sculpture
Launches Public Art Program

Arlington, Texas

“Local Burning Man Artists ready to watch their creation
go up in flames”

July 2012

LOVE image seen in Rolling Stone Magazine
Issue 1160/1161 July 5-19th, 2012 page 56

EGO image from Rolling Stone Magazine Online 2012

Love image from Town and Country magazine
November 2011

Love image INC magazine July 2012

Common Ground Magazine, July 31, 2012
Article about EGO 

Love Image
Cover – We Demain – French Arts Magazine 

San Francisco Magazine, November 2011,
www.sanfranmag.com 2 page (pp 34-35) image of
LOVE by photographer John Curley

“Rauschenberg Tribute Exhibition”
Gulf Coast Museum, Texas 2009

“His & Her: Line in the Middle”
Project One Gallery, San Francisco 2009

“Book or the Raven” Public Installation, Press Release
Downtown Reno, Nevada 2009

“Who Gave Birth”
Burning Man Honorarium 2009

“Women’s Work” Press Release
Donna Seager Gallery, California 2007

Laura Kimpton Interview
Marin Independent Journal, 2007

“Celtic Forest”
Burning Man, Black Rock, Nevada 2007

“Burning Words” Press Release
New York Studio Gallery, New York 2007

“Who’s the Judge?” Press Release
supperclub, San Francisco 2006

“Who’s the Judge?” Artist Statement
supperclub, San Francisco 2006

“Mynd Too” Press Release
Schomburg Gallery, Los Angeles 2006

“Proverbial You” Review
Metro Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz, CA 2005

“Finding Art” Interview
Sonoma Index Tribune, Sonoma, CA 2004

Past Present and Future_lowresFlag_LRcolorcorrectedInEarthWeTrust_LowResThe Dirty Girl CarnivalLRHerWords_LRDrugsGunsandMoneyLRDear Diary...LRMySpinOnItLRcolorcorrectedBuck$hot to the $oulLRWhiteBirdSelfPortrait_LRHeWoreBootsLRMonumental EgoLRBullsEyeMixed Media SculptureLRSurrendertheRaceLRRemingtonLRAnnie Oakleys BaggageLRBirdCageLRKimpton_loveCircleofLove_32.5x32.5_lowresUNTITLEDLOWRESLet GoThe Fourth WeekKimpton_WhosTheJudge_LOWRESDad I See You_44.5x44.75lowresTornTogether_lowres2
  • Past Present and Future_lowres

    "Past, Present and Future”

    75.125" x 75.125” x 4.125” Mixed Media, 2015

  • Flag_LRcolorcorrected

    "Hard Working American”

    62.25" x 48.5" x 5.5" Mixed Media, 2015

  • InEarthWeTrust_LowRes

    "In Earth We Trust"

    48"' x 48" x 3.75" Mixed Media, 2015

  • The Dirty Girl CarnivalLR

    "The Dirty Girl Carnival"

    56.5" x 56.5" x 6.5"Mixed Media, 2015

  • HerWords_LR

    "Her Words”

    51" x 50.5" x 7.25"Mixed Media, 2015

  • DrugsGunsandMoneyLR

    "Drugs, Guns and Money”

    61" x 85" x 5" Mixed Media, Video Art, 2015

  • Dear Diary...LR

    "Dear Diary...”

    58" x 58" x 3.75"Mixed Media, 2015

  • MySpinOnItLRcolorcorrected

    "My Spin On It”

    62.25" x 61.5"Mixed Media, 2015

  • Buck$hot to the $oulLR

    "Buck $hot to the $oul”

    60.25" x 62" x 13"Mixed Media, 2015

  • WhiteBirdSelfPortrait_LR

    "White Bird Self Portrait"

    61.5" x 73.5" x 12"Mixed Media

  • HeWoreBootsLR

    “He Wore Boots"

    62" x 48.5" x 5.5”Mixed Media

  • Monumental EgoLR

    “Monumental Ego”", Collaboration with Jonny Hirschmugl

    90" x 27.5" x 27.375" Mixed Media, Video Art Obelisk, 2015

  • BullsEyeMixed Media SculptureLR

    "Bulls Eye”

    48.5" x 13.25" x 14.125" Mixed Media Sculpture, 2015

  • SurrendertheRaceLR

    "Surrender the Race”

    66" x 18" x 16"Mixed Media Sculpture, 2015

  • RemingtonLR


    61" x 23" x 11.5"Mixed Media Sculpture, Video Art, 2015

  • Annie Oakleys BaggageLR

    "Annie Oakley's Baggage”

    52.5" x 21.25" x 20"Mixed Media Sculpture, Video Art, 2015

  • BirdCageLR

    "The Cage Within”

    67.5" x 19"Mixed Media Sculpture, Video Art, 2015

  • Kimpton_love

    "Love" by Laura Kimpton and Jeff Schomberg

    36" x 78" (36" x 19.5" each letter)Outdoor/Indoor Metal Sculpture

  • CircleofLove_32.5x32.5_lowres

    “Circle of Love”

    32.5” x 32.5" Collage and Resin, Framed


    “Turning the Wheel”

    12.25” x 12.25”Collage and Resin, Framed

  • Let Go

    “Let Go”

    19” x 19”Collage and Resin, Framed

  • The Fourth Week

    “The Fourth Week”

    12.25” x 12.25”Collage and Resin, Framed

  • Kimpton_WhosTheJudge_LOWRES

    “Who’s the Judge”

    57” x 81”Collage and Resin

  • “Slice and Release”

    54” x 43" Collage and Resin, Framed

  • Dad I See You_44.5x44.75lowres

    “Dad I See You”

    44.5” x 44.75”Collage and Resin, Framed

  • TornTogether_lowres2

    “Torn Together”

    66” x 56.5”Collage and Resin, Framed