Zener Schon Gallery

ERIC ZENER – Mixed Media San Francisco

Mixed Media Resin on Panel

Eric Zener has developed a unique process with his original photography and imagery of his original paintings.

The mixed media works are a process in which a custom built panel is painted with acrylic or leafed with silver or gold.  A transparency of the original photograph or artwork imagery is layered onto the panel over the leafing or the underpainting.  Eric has embellished various pieces with inks and acrylic.

These mixed media works have been coated with resin creating a vibrant depth to the imagery.

Drifting AlongLIQUID LEVITATIONlowresTumbling BelowKaboom adjusted IIIowresFade InlowresMother and ChildINTO THE LIGHTFree_silver_medresForever_silver_medresLOVElowresAnonymousHappyPeople_silver_medresTakingFlight_silver_medresBreakingFree_gold_medressleeping beauty_gold_medresCoupleonaTightrope_silver_medresWhiteCloak_silver_medresgrouptherapy_silver_medrescocoon_26x32_lowresanonymous time travler_30x40_lowresAscension_silver_medresnight tide_silver_medresnighttide_19x24_lowresinto the sun_41x41_lowresA_merging _into_16x20_2012lowresblue gaze_24x20_lowresGiantFlip_lowresNight_paint_medresSunflowers_paint_medresCradle_paint_medresFire2_paint_medresFire_paint_medresTrees_crop_medresTrees3bramblebush_paint_medresman on a tightrope_lowresBlooming_lowres
  • Drifting Along

    Drifting Along

    41” X 78”Mixed Media Photography Embellished with Ink


    Liquid Levitation

    41” X 37” Mixed Media Photography Embellished with Ink

  • Tumbling Below


    13.5” X 41” Mixed Media Photography Embellished with Ink

  • Kaboom adjusted IIIowres

    Kaboom III

    41” x 45” Mixed Media Embellished with Ink

  • Fade Inlowres

    Fade In

    41” x 54”, Mixed Media Embellished with Ink

  • Mother and Child

    Mother and Child

    31” X 23” Mixed Media Photography Embellished with Ink


    Into the Light

    25” X 31.5” Mixed Media Photography SOLD

  • Free_silver_medres


    48” x 38”Mixed Media, (Silver Leaf, Resin on Panel)SOLD

  • Forever_silver_medres


    32” x 50” Mixed Media, (Silver Leaf, Resin on Panel)SOLD

  • LOVElowres


    36" x 40", Resin on PanelMixed Media, (Silver Leaf, Resin on Panel)SOLD

  • AnonymousHappyPeople_silver_medres

    "Anonymous Happy People"

    41” x 53”Mixed Media. (Silver Leaf, Resin on Panel)SOLD

  • TakingFlight_silver_medres

    "Taking Flight"

    38” x 48” , (Silver Leaf, Resin on Panel)Mixed Media

  • BreakingFree_gold_medres

    "Breaking Free"

    48” x 41”Mixed Media, (Gold and Silver Leaf, Resin on Panel)SOLD

  • sleeping beauty_gold_medres

    "Sleeping Beauty"

    30” x 38”Mixed Media, (Gold Leaf, Resin on Panel)SOLD

  • CoupleonaTightrope_silver_medres

    "In Balance"

    24” x 35”Mixed Media, (Silver Leaf, Resin on Panel)

  • WhiteCloak_silver_medres

    "White Cloak"

    41" x 48"Mixed Media, (Silver Leaf, Resin on Panel)SOLD

  • grouptherapy_silver_medres

    Group Therapy

    20" x 22"Mixed Media, (Silver Leaf, Resin on Panel)SOLD

  • cocoon_26x32_lowres


    20" x 16"Mixed Media, Resin on Panel

  • anonymous time travler_30x40_lowres

    "Anonymous Time Traveler"

    30” x 40”Mixed Media, Resin on Panel

  • Ascension_silver_medres


    24" x 20"Mixed Media, (Silver Leaf, Resin on Panel)

  • night tide_silver_medres

    "Night Tide"

    33" x 41"Mixed Media (Silver Leaf, Resin on Panel)

  • nighttide_19x24_lowres

    " Night Tide"

    20” x 24”Mixed Media, Resin on Panel

  • into the sun_41x41_lowres

    " Into the Sun"

    41” x 41” Mixed Media

  • A_merging _into_16x20_2012lowres

    "A Merging Into"

    23” x 30”Mixed Media

  • blue gaze_24x20_lowres

    "Blue Gaze"

    24” x 20”Mixed Media

  • GiantFlip_lowres


    36" x 24"Sublimation on Metal Mounted on Panel, CTP 1/1SOLD

  • Night_paint_medres


    24” x 30”Mixed MediaSOLD

  • Sunflowers_paint_medres

    "When We Look into the Light Together We Will All Grow"

    24” x 30”Mixed Media

  • Cradle_paint_medres


    30" x 40"Mixed Media

  • Fire2_paint_medres

    "The Past"

    30” x 24”Mixed Media

  • Fire_paint_medres


    24” x 30”Mixed Media

  • Trees_crop_medres


    30” x 24”Mixed Media

  • Trees3bramblebush_paint_medres


    24” x 30”Mixed Media

  • man on a tightrope_lowres

    Man in Balance

    24" x 18"Mixed Media

  • Blooming_lowres


    40” x 30”Mixed Media