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EDWARD SAENZ San Francisco

ULTRAVOLTA Photography features the work of Larkspur-based artist and brand consultant Edward Saenz. Edward creates visually arresting images that capture an authentic truth about each of his subjects. In addition to his landscapes, he works with high profile individuals including CEOs, entrepreneurs, artists, musicians, celebrities, and performers—each of which have a compelling story that must to be told in an impactful manner.

Edward brings a unique approach to his work as he combines his branding sensibilities with his passion for crafting incisive visuals. His portraits are often strategically considered with clients in work sessions to ensure that the concept is precisely on brand. He is Founding Partner of Gravity Branding, a group known for advising well known companies and for creating some of the most memorable brands in the world. For example, he is personally recognized for having created the names WiFi, Expedia.com and Herceptin among many others.

Edward’s passion for photography first emerged at the age of 12 when he was exposed to the works of Diane Arbus—specifically, “Boy with a toy hand grenade in Central Park, 1963.” Inspired by his first camera, a Kodak Instamatic X-15F and his father’s beautiful Kodachromes, Edward has never stopped loving photography. His first real works were realized with a Nikon FM2 in the 1980s. He captured images of his surroundings, models and musicians in Manhattan and Staten Island in his 20s and his work continues to evolve today. He studied photography at the School of Visual Arts. He has exhibited his photographs in galleries in Amsterdam, San Francisco and Mill Valley.

Geyserville Fog Saenz2015_finalStormFront - Saenz2015_finalSaenz_Drakes Beach WaveSaenz_Lost Coast BeachSaenz_Pt Reyes.CliffSaenz-Nicasio ReservoirSaenz_Truck
  • Geyserville Fog Saenz2015_final

    “Obscured Oaks” (Geyserville, CA)

    27” x 44”Photography, (Edition of 3), 2015

  • StormFront - Saenz2015_final

    “Stormfront” (Nicasio, CA)

    27” x 44”Photography, (Edition of 3), 2015

  • Saenz_Drakes Beach Wave

    "Wave" (Drakes Beach, CA)

    27” x 44”Photography, (Edition of 3), 2015

  • Saenz_Lost Coast Beach

    "Lost Coast Beach"

    27” x 44”Photography, (Edition of 3), 2015

  • Saenz_Pt Reyes.Cliff

    "Cliff" (Point Reyes, CA)

    27” x 44”Photography, (Edition of 3), 2015

  • Saenz-Nicasio Reservoir

    "Nicasio Reservoir"

    27” x 44”Photography, (Edition of 3), 2015

  • Saenz_Truck


    27” x 44”Photography, (Edition of 3), 2015