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Diane Rosenblum’s artwork combines a strong visual impact with a rigorous conceptual practice. The marriage of beauty and ideas results in memorable artworks that play a positive role in people’s lives. She has created a variety of series including Clouds for Comment, A Measure of Art, In My Mother’s Garden, Photograms and the Snap-Chalk Drawings.

Her work is held in numerous public collections including the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and the Albertina Museum in Vienna, Austria. Her work has also been exhibited at the New Mexico Museum of Art and the Hunter Museum of American Art in Tennessee. She graduated from Brooks Institute of Photography and Oberlin College.

Clouds for Comment is in part a reflection on Alfred Steiglitz’s series Equivalents, in which he claimed his photographs of clouds embodied a specific emotional state, and that a sensitive viewer will concretely understand his specific emotions when viewing the photographs. Diane Rosenblum is suspicious of that premise and believes that the viewer largely creates what they see in photographs, and this is mostly a reflection of who they are and what they have seen before. This series responds to the state of photography today, where everyone has a camera, everything is photographed, and the lines between the artistic and the personal, the hobbyist and the professional, the author and the audience, are blurred.


“Skies and clouds are rich in metaphor and references. They are an archetype of the mysteries and magnificence of the divine. In the series Clouds for Comment I post my photographs of skies in social media channels such as flickr.com. People make written comments on the photos, and I superimpose a selection of their words on my prints. The text on my prints gets smaller as the prints get larger in scale. Since I want to make sure that the text is legible, I have to use relatively large text on the photos published online. The comments on my cloud photographs range widely. Many offer their personal reactions –- like or dislike — some give technical advice, others explain what could be done to make the photo stronger. Many are disturbed at seeing just a sky and want some reference to land or ground. Many comments are amusing, incisive, kind and thoughtful. Some viewers have photographic or artistic expertise; most are amateurs or enthusiasts.”

09rosenblum_clouds_1169_peintures_anciennes20Cloudx2_152024rosenblum_clouds_1451_epic!_wicked sky!018_4582107433_masterv2 text color 4 web12020_7137
  • 09rosenblum_clouds_1169_peintures_anciennes

    "Peintures Anciennes"

    36” x 44” (unframed), 40" x 48" (framed)Photography, 2015

  • 20Cloudx2_1520


    36” x 44” (unframed), 40" x 48" (framed)Photography, 2015

  • 24rosenblum_clouds_1451_epic!_wicked sky!

    “Epic! Wicked Sky! Awesome Capture!

    36” x 44” (unframed), 40" x 48" (framed)Photography, 2015

  • 018_4582

    “(No I Don’t Take Drugs)”

    36” x 44” (unframed), 40" x 48" (framed)Photography, 2015

  • 107433_masterv2 text color 4 web

    “Tiny White Spot"

    36” x 44” (unframed), 40" x 48" (framed)Photography, 2015

  • 12020_7137

    “Not a Cliche”

    36” x 44” (unframed), 40" x 48" (framed)Photography, 2015