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CHAD MUSKA Los Angeles/New York City

Los Angeles based artist, Chad Muska uses the visual language of Abstraction to bring the sensibility of his urban experience to his artwork. He does so with a raw modern conceptual aesthetic and media such as cement, steel, screen and wood panel. Muska’s work fuses these mediums to create a textured, linear, modern field in a variety of scale.

Muska’s professional skateboarding career has taken him from rags to riches, from homelessness to celebrity ex-girlfriends. Through many years of hard work, and a portion of good luck, Muska became a staple in the 90’s re-birth of skateboarding; traveling the globe, making art and music, designing for Supra, and gaining notoriety as a popular skater in Tony Hawk’s video Games, admired by fans both domestically and internationally.

Asked about the fusion of so many facets of his life, Muska notes that at one point he thought he was escaping skateboarding through art, but then came to realize there was a direct connection between these two practices. He describes his current works as Conceptual Minimalism, using elements that are all born from skateboarding.

“I use concrete, steel, resins, and things that, in a way, represent my life.”

MuskaAspen4cropMuskaAspen3cropMuskaAspen6Chad Muska Untitled 1cropChad Muska Untitled 2crop
  • MuskaAspen4crop

    “Mirror Image”

    25” x 37”Cement, Resin, Canvas and Spray Paint on Panel, 2016

  • MuskaAspen3crop

    “Story Of My Life”

    19” x 29” Encaustic, Cement, News Paper on Panel, 2016

  • MuskaAspen6


    36” x 49”Acrylic Skin, Cement, Paper, Gesso, Resin on Panel, 2016

  • Chad Muska Untitled 1crop

    “Untitled #1”

    49” x 34”Mixed Media on Wood Panel, 2015 SOLD

  • Chad Muska Untitled 2crop

    “Untitled #2”

    49” x 34”Mixed Media on Wood Panel, 2015 SOLD