Zener Schon Gallery


With deep roots in the New York Abstract Expressionist movement, Carly Ivan Garcia’s art developed in the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area art scene. Like Warhol, he has created a system of symbols including spinning cubes, circles, and triangles that he integrates with lines he creates that are “borrowed” from the paintings he created before. In the tradition of Jackson Pollack, he uses consistent kinetic motions with his body with his brushwork as a non-tangible symbol within his visual language. However despite these intentional echoes of the past, his work is very much a product of his experience of today.

Having launched his career both as a painter and a collage artist, his current work is executed with a strong affinity to that of a painter without dismissing the practice of balancing various elements including text and binary code with his abstract expression style. These 0110s float about flat planes of color with a kaleidoscopic effect mirroring the pace of our current daily dependence with technology. Working from the subconscious, Garcia’s paintings depict the contemporary experience through the eyes of an artist. His response embraces systematic themes ranging from the medical industry, prison systems to economics shifts that affect his artist community on an individual level. Intentionally using beautiful cold colors to convey emotion, his line leads the viewer through intense compositions with fluidity and at times playfulness. While personal experiences of physical pain informing series of the past, this current series speak of the idea of the continuum of the urban technic logical experience not only the Bay Area, but also any major urban center today.

Breaking ground in 2009 as an artist and as a curator, Carly has exhibitions throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, New York, Los Angeles and Rome. His paintings have been featured at Miami Basel and at the 22nd International Art Fair in Istanbul in 2012. In 2015, Zener Schon Contemporary Art featured Garcia’s work in a group show “From East to West: A Bi-Coastal Dialogue” and featured his work at the 2015 SF Art Market Art Fair along side the works of Andy Warhol and Robert Rauschenberg.

“I like to challenge the boundaries of art and my own boundaries of comfort.  Even today my best work results from me pushing myself further and constantly developing and evolving my neo-abstract style. My work is personal and I wish for the viewer to develop their own individual experience with each of my pieces. I create art exhibits, shows because I want to encourage discussion and dialog. Everyone has a different interpretation of my work. Some can find it incredibly personal and connect it to events going on in their lives. Provocative art should especially foster debate. The very nature of art is intertwined and inseparable from freedom of expression.”


Carly Ivan Garcia_Estatic_Oil on Canvas_72x48PopcornSweets_60x48_GarciaChasetheGift_72x48RedSwivel_48x48_GarciaAll Around_48x48CIG_GeometricLocation_2015DahaDaha_48x48_GarciaUrban Experience 117_48x48_GarciaWhiteSpace01_48x36_GarciaWhiteSpace_24x24_GarciaPresent_lowresBLumma_36x36_GarciaIMG_5399IMG_5410
  • Carly Ivan Garcia_Estatic_Oil on Canvas_72x48


    72” x 48” Oil on Canvas, 2016

  • Popcorn


    60" x 38.75"Paper, Ink, Acrylic, Graphite, Watercolor, Oil, Epoxy, Spray Paint on Panel, 2015 

  • Sweets_60x48_Garcia


    60” x 48”Oil and Ink on Canvas, 2016

  • ChasetheGift_72x48

    “Chase The Gift”

    72” x 48”Acrylic and Oil on Canvas, 2016

  • RedSwivel_48x48_Garcia

    “Red Swivel”

    48” x 48”Oil on Canvas, 2015 

  • All Around_48x48

    “All Around”

    48” x 48”Oil on Canvas, 2015 

  • CIG_GeometricLocation_2015

    “Geometric Location”

    40” x 30” Mixed Media, 2015

  • DahaDaha_48x48_Garcia

    “Daha Daha"

    48” x 48”Oil and Spray Paint on Canvas, 2015  

  • Urban Experience 117_48x48_Garcia

    “Urban Experience 117 (Head Study)”   

    48” x 48”Ink and Acrylic on Canvas, 2016

  • WhiteSpace01_48x36_Garcia

    “White Space 01”

    48” x 36” Oil and Acrylic on Panel, 2015 

  • WhiteSpace_24x24_Garcia

    “Icon 01”

    48” x 36”Oil and Acrylic on Panel, 2015   

  • Present_lowres


    48” x 36"Oil on Canvas, 2014

  • BLumma_36x36_Garcia

    “Blumma Color Field”   

    36” x 36” Oil, Acrylic, Paper, Spray Paint, Screws, Staples, Pencil, Crayon on Panel, 2015

  • IMG_5399

    “Urban Experience Red”

    12” x 12”Oil and Acrylic on Canvas, 2012

  • IMG_5410


    12” x 9”Acrylic and Latex Paint on Canvas, 2011